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Why are we facing another recession, why do parents of Santa Ana have little to no choice in who teaches their kids, why does our city council and California have a budget surplus, while our people and kids are now in forced debt? Who forced this debt and is kicking us out with high prices and lower quality of life? A decade ago Santa Ana had kicked out high crime, little to no homeless, cleaner streets, and better quality of life while building the city we have today. We once had strong leadership, who has now lost direction and driven themselves into the hands of special interests. Today we have new leaders who believe they are against special interests but are helping keep the corrupt in power and making the rich richer while making the poor poorer. That is where I come in, I am running for Mayor of Santa Ana, to lead our "leaders" and introduce new ideas and proven policies that work to fix our city. I cannot do this alone, like all projects I need a team to help give power back to the people of Santa Ana, if not you then who?

It's time to take action !

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The son of working-class immigrant parents, Jesse Nestor was born in Orange county, he attended local schools and worked has worked his way up from Host to Server at The Original Pancake House in Orange. Having worked two jobs while attending Highschool Jesse was the first in the family to attend University at Cal State Northridge, but put his major on hold when he saw the repercussions of the past and current administration, locally and federally, in his home Santa Ana. Since then, Jesse has been researching and developing solutions to our current economic and social crisis. The only leadership experience Jesse has is the current knowledge from past and failed leadership in Santa Ana. If elected Jesse will not repeat the mistakes of yesterday's leaders and will bring about a new era of triumph and pride in our city.


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Jesse Nestor For Mayor
Jesse Nestor

Jesse Nestor For Mayor

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